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The story of Petspot began with personal experiences at several levels. Our furry child, a Lhasa Apso called Jumbo has been the inspiration. In 2007, at 2 months of age, Jumbo contacted parvo virus. For those who are aware, this is a life threatening virus impacting the gut in puppies. Being a working couple, we could not find a single place where we could have left Jumbo under personalised home care during the day whilst we went to work.

These moments of tryst, was the inspiration to start our own boarding for pets. The humble beginning was in our two room apartment where pets started slowly coming in to board. Not only did they get love, affection, food and companionship; we also started grooming them whilst they were boarding at ours.

Soon, we started getting requests to groom animals even though they were not in boarding and the organic growth from boarding to grooming happened. We opened our pet grooming services.

Through our boarding experience, we realised that there was a huge scope in improving the ways pets were handled in pet transportation business.

In most cases, pets are handled callously by the cargo handlers and treated as commodities. Moving or movement with animals is very stressful for the pets as well as pet parents. We experienced this first hand when one of our friends asked approached us, post a bitter experience elsewhere, to help him move his 11 year old spitz called Teddy. The relocation was from Pantnagar in Uttarakhand, India to Coventry in the UK. We realised that moving a pet with ease, comfort, minimal stress and being with the pet from ‘Door to Door’ was indeed possible and thus, began our third leg. We forayed into the pet relocation business.

Petspot gives an honourable and personalised pet relocation consultancy service and provides ‘door to door’ and/or very customised pet relocation service.

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