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Tender Touch is a place where you can get your perfect grooming of your dog. Tender Touch offers you full bath services and style services for your dogs.
We at TENDER TOUCH ensure that your pet is always groomed to perfection so that it always feel happy and fresh as always! Proper grooming of your pet includes more than simply passing a brush over the pet's coat, however. Regular care of the ears, teeth and nails can help prevent serious health issues later. We at TENDER TOUCH always ensure high standards of hygiene which is the reason why special measures to provide the users with a rich experience. We have super high quality UV Sterilizers which are used to disinfect the brushes, scissors and clippers along with other state of the art equipment we use to offer your pet with a TENDER TOUCH!
We care for your pet just as our own and we know very well that the health and the safety of your pet is very much concerned and our first priority which is why we maintain strict levels of hygiene and cleanliness so that your pet gets dispensed with great care every time you choose us. So, every time you leave your pet with us, it is our responsibility to provide the best grooming services with utmost perfection to your pet so that our valuable clients get the best service!
We have our own store for your pets that sell unique dog accessories, treats, toys, collars, leashes and many other goodies! All you have to do is to drop by to treat your pet to professional dog grooming services they deserve and pamper them to something special from our shop.
So, what are you waiting for? Come with your pet to our store and get back home always satisfied!

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