Royal Canin Home life Indoor 2Kg

Royal Canin Home life Indoor 2Kg

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Designed for healthy cats in the age group of 1-7 years old, Royal Canin indoor adult dry cat food is tailor-made for your little one. It helps move hairballs formed while grooming through a cat's digestive system with an optimal blend of fibres. It's designed with controlled calorie content which adapts well for an indoor cat’s leisurely lifestyle and its big appetite, helping them maintain a healthy weight. This diet contains 3534 kilo-calories of Metabolizable Energy (ME) per kilogram or 325 kilo-calories ME per cup on an as fed basis. It is highly digestible proteins increase the digestibility of nutrients while decreasing stool amounts (and litter box odours). A pack of it promotes oral health with its crunchy kibble texture and added essential minerals that slow the formation of tartar. Available in a pack of 2kg.

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