Royal Canin Mini Dental Care 1 Kg

Royal Canin Mini Dental Care 1 Kg

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Most of the times food and bacteria get collected along the gumline in dogs which can create the problem of plaque in them. It gradually mixes with minerals in the dog saliva forming Tartar which is the common cause of bad breath and inflammation in dogs. Get home the Royal Canin Dental Care Mini Dog Food 1kg which is high-grade dental care that helps in boosting overall dental hygiene of small breed dogs. It comes with chelators diet trapped in calcium which helps in limiting the formation of Tartar. After an extensive internal study at Royal Canin, it was found that it resulted in 69% reduced plaque formation and its special kibble design strengthens the teeth and gives a tooth-brushing effect to the dogs. Royal Canin Dental Care Mini can be fed to all grown-up small breed dogs weighing up to 10 kg. Available in a 1kg pack.

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