Pawsitively Pet Care Bio-Strath Anima-Strath Liquid 100 ml

Pawsitively Pet Care Bio-Strath Anima-Strath Liquid 100 ml

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It can be added to normal feed in granulate form or as a liquid. In a unique special process, yeast cells are combined with selected herbs and then liquefied by fermentation. It also supports the digestion,It helps provide a healthy, glossy coat after littering and shedding,Encourages balanced growth for animals In cold season it increases immune defences and vitality The concentrate obtained in this way is rich in vital substances in their natural state. Anima-strath contains plant protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as 11 vitamins, 19 minerals, 20 amino acids and 11 general building substances. The whole-food quality of anima-strath as a feed supplement creates an ideal balance. ANIMA-STRATH is a natural and highly effective feed supplement suitable for all animals - cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hens, cows, calves, pigs and horses etc.. A special process is used to combine yeast cells with cells of plants and then to liquify this combination by fermentation.

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