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Pet Pipers

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We, at Pet Pipers, are a team of pet lovers, dedicated to enhance your relationship with your pet, making your life a little stress-free and the pet’s life, an exotic retreat!
In today’s hustling, bustling metropolises, where life is spent more in traffic than at home and at an office we do not always like to be at, our furries are the only solace at the end of a tiring day. Coming back home, to that happy face is the best thing in the world; and, taking care of them is equally important. Isn’t it? Which is why, we, at Pet Pipers, wish to replace your need to spend more time in your vehicle, to take your dog all the way to the salon, that in return, causes you as much anxiety as your pet. And, oh, also a giant hole in your pocket!
Pet Pipers will be yours and your furry friend’s best friend and will be at your doorstep, whenever you need them! We offer all grooming services (which, by the way, you can customise according to your pet’s needs!), whether it’s a quick shower or a haircut, a tick wash or a dental floss, all in the comfort of your home. Since it’s not always easy to understand the important junctures in your pet’s life, like teething, adolescence, puberty, we can make your life easier by training your pet to be calmer, more obedient and responsive. Oh, what about the time when you’re out on business or travelling? You needn’t worry! We offer a variety of spaces (cage-free only) in various locations in NCR, for boarding your pet , while you’re away so you can be sure your pet’s in good hands. We are also going to be your dog’s favourite walkers, and a virtual platform to find it friends to play with.

Pet Pipers is a vision that came to life solely because of a mutual love and care for pets. And, we’d love to keep our family growing. Welcome!

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