Multi Colour Ball(Noodle Ball)-Large

Multi Colour Ball(Noodle Ball)-Large

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Product Description

Made of extra-tough and non-toxic rubber, bite-resistant, ensuring you long service life and it is safe for dogs and cats to chew and bite.
Painted in rainbow color and equipped with metal bell inside, this rainbow chew ball is easy to catch pets' interest and arouse their curiosity. With the pleasing sound, dogs and cats will get lots of fun to play with it, effectively alleviating their loneliness and inspiring their enthusiasm when you are not at home.
The colorful pet chew toy is carefully made to guarantee a smooth and pliable touch. Withstands regular chewing and biting, it helps dogs and cats remain fresh breath and promote their dental health.
The rainbow color weaving ball can satisfy your dogs' natural urge to chew, an extremely effective way to protect your furniture, clothes or shoes from dogs chewing and biting.
Suitable size of 7cm in diameter, appropriate to small to medium size pets, making a great gift for your pet or give it to your friends with pets.

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