Cat Card Board Scratcher-Large

Cat Card Board Scratcher-Large

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Product Description

Cats love to scratch and they can scratch almost anything they find your home hence; this cat scratcher board from PetSutra will be your saviour!
This cat scratcher board is made up of corrugated paper which is sturdy and durable, your cat can even stand on it while scratching. It is so lightweight that you can move it around the home.
This is a fun toy that will keep your cat engaged for long hours as a catnip comes along with it which attracts feline. The aromatic oil in the leaves and blossoms of catnip plant safely stimulate most cats resulting in a fun, focused energy and enthusiasm which provides relaxation and pleasure.
This cat toy is a honeycomb compact design that not only resists compression and bending but also bears scratch and is abrasion-resistant. Won't hurt claws, play longer.

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