Cat - Tumbler with Feather

Cat - Tumbler with Feather

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The hollow carved ball can treat as a cat tank, a small bell in the tumble ball and it rings will send out attention, satisfy your cats instinct of curiosity and playfulness. Provide interactive, entertaining and mental stimulation. Lightweight springs will never fall on a tumbler ball. It provides a healthy outlet for your cat's natural hunting instincts.
BEST YOU CHOOSE FOR YOUR CAT- Make your pet feel more interesting, energetic, nimbler.This toy can avoid the cat from scratching furniture and floors. Strengthen the friendship between you and your cat.
HEALTHY AND THROUGHPUT MATERIAL High quality Interactive Wobbler Toy made of plastic and feathers, 100% safe and non-toxic, keep your cat healthy and practicing.
GOOD INTERACTIVE CAT TOY- Bright color, the unique wobble movement, and the real spinning feathers on the tip of the wand activate a cat's natural instinct to hunt and tumble, making your pet more energetic and smarter.

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