Bellotta Meat in jelly Hait ball Contro

Bellotta Meat in jelly Hait ball Contro

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Make the one feel special who make you feel special with this Bellotta Cat Food which is made of Tuna light meat, which is garnished with shrimp to give your cat a delicious and nutritious meal to maintain a good health. The delicious jelly based food contains animal-based protein which promotes the overall wellbeing of the cat. With about 85% of water content, the meal hydrates the body of the feline and encourages detoxification. There is vitamin E to offer protection to the cell membranes against the damaging action of the free radicals. Vitamin E also gives strength to the immune system of the body. No preservatives are added in the meal, making this nutritional composition further safe and healthy for the feline. Available in a pack of 80gm.

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