Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you sell pets or deal with breeders who sell?

    No, we only deal and sell products that pets need.

  • Can you help provide a dog walker in any area?

    Yes we have a directory that can help you connect with a reliable dog walker where you stay. You can also track your dog while he is on his walk through our portal. It also mentions the distance your dog has walked and the time he or she has covered it in.

  • Can your products be customized?

    Yes. We understand that owners want the best for their pets and love spoiling them too. We customize and personalize our products based on your needs, requirements and taste. Our collars, beds and bowls can be personalized to suit the interest and need of your pet.

  • Besides dogs and cats, what other pets do you have products for?

    We have products for dogs and cats only. 

  • Are the vets in-house and employees of Cats and Dogs?

    We have in-house vets but for convenience we also have a directory that can help connect you to vets in your vicinity. The vets on board have undergone a rigorous background check for professionalism and performance. We truly believe in putting your pets in the best hands only. 

  • Can I order a birthday cake for my pet from your website?

    Yes, you can order personalized cakes for your pets. Please contact us on _______. We recommend you place your order 2 days prior to the required date. 

  • What flavours do you have?

    We have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available in a variety of flavors. You can choose the base flavor as per the taste preference of your pet. 

  • If something I want is not in stock, can I place an order for it?

    Yes, please get in touch with us on ______ for us to arrange the best for your pet.  

  • If I want additional details on a product before ordering, can I contact you?

    Yes, you can get in touch with us on __________

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    You can pay us through cash, we accept cards of all leading banks and through Paytm. 

  • How many days after I buy something can I return it?

    Our policy for exchange of products is within 1 week. 

  • How fast will my refund be initiated if I return something?

    Once we receive the product back from you, your refund will be initiated. It should reflect in your account within a week. 

  • What if I receive damaged goods / expired products?

    We have a stringent quality control before any product is dispatched for delivery. However, for any damage in transit please contact us on ______________

  • Do you issue store credit and how long is it valid for?

    Yes, we do. You can get a credit note against a return. You can claim a credit note within one month of its issue. 

  • Can I speed up the delivery on my order?

    We dispatch our orders at the earliest. However in case of an urgency or exceptional situation please feel free to contact us on _______ . 

  • Can I cancel my online order?

    Cancellations can be made before the product is dispatched. You can make a cancellation by contacting us on ___________

  • How long does an order made online take to reach me?

    Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours. The order should reach you within 5 working days. However in case of customized products, the order might take a little longer to be dispatched.

  • Do you make goodie bags and offer gift vouchers?

    Yes, we can provide you with a goodie pack on request with products of your choice. Gift vouchers can also be shipped as per your budget. Contact us on ____ for more information on the same and to place your order. 

  • Do you sell personalized ID tags?

    Yes, we do. You can personalize a tag for your pet with his or her name engraved on it too. 

  • Do you own the pet hostel/ boarding?

    We do not own the boarding centers. We simply provide you with a list of all those in your city. Based on convenience of location and your budget you can choose an appropriate boarding for your dog. You can make bookings through our website.

  • Who are these trainers who come to train the dogs?

    These are personal trainers who have signed up with us. They are credible and known for their love for pets. We provide you with the contact details of trainers around you. You can also book a personal trainer for your pet from our website. 

  • Are the stray dogs you put up for adoption vaccinated?

    We share an exhaustive list of dogs up for adoption with their pictures and information. These dogs are either already with families or are currently in SPCA. Information regarding their vaccinations and other details can be found on the website itself. 

  • How long before do I need to make an appointment for a home visit by a vet?

    We recommend you make an appointment at least 24 hours before for a vet especially if you want one to visit your pet at home. In cases of emergency please contact us on ________